Tales of a Monarch

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked. I became a poet, trying to spread my wisdom to the masses. Everything I say is from the heart. A little sexual, but born to be a hero; Martin Luther King lives vicariously through me. I have a dream. Follow me, I promise to never lead you astray. Watch my crazy, beautiful life.I reside in Maryland, so let me know if you do too!
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Strip down in the living room
I say I’ll wait but never do
Just want to be inside of you
Lipstick markings, mascara blurring, toes curling
Now your hair is such a mess
And your panties are dripping wet
All remnants that we had sex
Moaning my name, screaming in ecstasy, pleasure with a little…

Omg this looks amazing. @sweetkimchii threw down #happybirthdaytome


This is the dinner I made for verbalforeplay birthday. Home made teriyaki drizzled steak and shrimp, a baked sweet potato and a side of spicy mango salsa. Not pictured is a Caesar side salad.

Today is my birthday and honestly I wasn’t too excited about it yesterday. But my coworkers and my job in general made it a great day between my mother bringing a cake to my job, and all the birthday wishes. Now @sweetkimchii is cooking for me. Great birthday. Thanks everyone

The selfie queen aka Keke Palmer

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The best proposal I’ll ever witness.

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Run fast

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I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.

My birthday is in like 3 hours

Childish Gambino-Sweatpants
Love this song. Love him. But his videos make me feel like I’m on acid.