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Born sinner; wasn't born to be perfect. Sucker for these women licking their lips and carrying purses.

Writer, poet, big dreamer. Sex addict, lover and a fighter. This is the story of a legend in the making. 23 year old Maryland resident just living.

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Two of my favorites and also two of my most expensive figures in one shot

The untouchable queen, Satellizer L. Bridget.

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As soon as I learned Nicki Minaj voiced Sugilite, I had to





In case anyone wanted to know what a lightening strike can do to the body- given that they survive.


Do a search for “struck by lightning”

I’ve reblogged this before but I didn’t know it was from a lightning strike. That’s insane.


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Deep Red - I’m in love with you.

Red - I love you.

Pink - I think you’re cute.

Blue - You’re amazing.

Rose - You’re pretty

Purple - You’re hot.

Plum - I would sex you.

Violet - I would date you.
Aqua - I could stay on your blog for hours.


when your chem teacher gives u a pop quizimage

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Time for the beach!

Remember the day we had our first mission and I failed?
I thought you’d get angry,
But you didn’t.

Remember the day you almost died because of me?
I thought you’d blame me,
But you didn’t.

Remember the day we had our first serious fight?
I thought you’d kill me,
But you didn’t.

Remember the day I begged you not to cut our bond?
I thought you’d ridicule me,
But you didn’t.

Remember the day I told you I’d die with you?
I thought you’d laugh at me,
But you didn’t.

Yes, there were lots of things you didn’t do,
But you saw me, you put up with me,
You accepted me, you loved me.

So this time around, I thought I’d make up to all the years we’ve lost
Once you come back home,
But you didn’t.

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